Why get a Trainer?

cropped-img_1481.jpgIt has been since 2016 when I decided to step away from an office job and start my own business as a personal trainer. It’s been both exciting and terrifying to quit a good-paying job in Atlanta to follow my dream. I wanted to be closer to my home, my kids, my husband and my pets and have always wanted to help others achieve their fitness goals.

Before you commit to having a monthly withdrawal from your bank account to pay for a gym membership, let me help you or your loved one get into the habit of making health and fitness a priority. Don’t set yourself up for failure. Working out is hard and even harder to do it alone. That’s where I come into the picture. I can help you establish a consistent routine in your life. We will keep it private by working out either in the comfort of my home gym or I’ll come to you. Let’s get you stronger, more flexible and used to working out before you look for a gym to call your own. I’ll hold you accountable to yourself and to your goals. I’ll workout with you to make sure you are using the proper weights and/or techniques so you stay safe and healthy throughout.

I did not give up

Before you talk yourself out of the idea of a personal trainer or are worried about the cost, I have several customized pricing options for you or for someone you love. Plus, if you can get a workout buddy, partner, friend or spouse who wants to go in with you, there are some significant couple and group discounts available. You can can even buy a gift certificate for someone else to give the gift of health and fitness!

Contact me today so I can start you off on the road to a better, healthier and more fit you!