Interview with Dr. Tim Ryan about multi-level marketing diet plans and fitness

It was a pleasure to have Dr. Tim Ryan join me today in my monthly radio interview to discuss many of the multi-level marketing diet plans that are circulating. We discovered that at the heart of almost all of them is a low calorie, low sugar diet to go along with the supplements. The net of it is, you can lose weight without spending a dime if you made those same dietary changes in your own life. We also discussed physical activity and the importance of starting slow, especially if you have not had much physical activity in a long time. There is no such thing as a magic pill in a box to make you lose weight. It must be a change in your daily lifestyle.

Staying fit through the holidays

This month’s radio interview on WBHF focused heavily on tips and suggestions to avoid putting on the pounds during the next two months of holiday celebrations. From Halloween through New Year’s Day, we will be tempted to feast at one holiday gathering after another. There is nothing wrong with enjoying those parties and events, but you need to prepare yourself to avoid adding those extra pounds. By keeping to your existing fitness routine, learning to limit your intake and avoiding binge-eating, you can still have fun during the holidays without regretting what’s happening to your waistline.

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Radio Interview with Susan Delmonico and Cindy Dent

We had a great time on-air combining my experiences prepping and painting a room in my home with the advice my very best friend, Cindy Dent, has for anyone selling their home. Yes, we mashup real estate, health, fitness and the holidays all in one guest interview on WBHF radio.


Fitness First Saturday – Strength Training

For this month’s radio interview, I wanted to focus on the importance of strength training as part of a healthy lifestyle. I talked about the reasons to include some kind of weight training or other core muscle exercises into your weekly routine. Strength training helps slow the effects of the loss of bone density due to aging, helps with our balance and increases metabolism. I also made sure to debunk the notion that working out your muscles, especially for women, will turn you into an “Arnold Schwarzenegger.”   And, if you think you are too old to even think about getting in shape, tell that to several of my clients who are in the late 60’s and early 70’s.

June radio interview


Spent time discussing some alternative fitness activities that do not require going into a gym. We also discussed the need for eating regularly and properly as well as getting plenty of sleep and water. It’s always fun to be on the radio and reaching out to the listening audience to make health and fitness more of a priority in all of our lives.

April interview on WBHF

In case you missed it, here was my April interview on WBHF where we discussed the upcoming spring weather and beach season. I spent time explaining how to purge your shelves on unhealthy snacks and get healthy options in place for when you feel the need to eat something. I also remind people that as a personal trainer, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach. I will meet with each client individually and create a custom plan for that person. My clients run the gamut from younger student-athletes to middle-age to elderly individuals. It is never too late to start thinking about improving your overall health and fitness.

Interview with Aaron Hooven of Lake Point Station

My interview on Saturday, March 04, with guest Aaron Hooven from Lake Point Station. We spent time talking about how there are a lot of ways to have fun while still getting in a fair amount of exercise. Lake Point Station is a family entertainment destination for the Lake Point Sport Community in Emerson, GA.

Radio interview – Having a workout buddy

In this month’s interview, I spend time discussing workout buddies and how that makes it easier to stay on the path toward health and fitness. I also mentioned that your workout buddy might be the four-legged variety since dogs love to jog and hike with you.

How to keep those fitness resolutions in the New Year

Since we are at the start of the new year, I wanted to spend some time talking about the resolutions people make and give some advice on how to keep them. Often the fitness goals we set for ourselves are not easily attainable and we get disheartened with our lack of progress. By taking smaller steps and finding ways to keep yourself accountable, you will greatly increase your odds of not only staying on track but also achieving your health and fitness goals.

Radio interview – More than just weight loss

In my monthly radio segment, I spent time addressing the notion that only overweight people need a personal trainer. With many of my clients, that’s actually not the issue. As we get settled into a typical 8AM-5PM job, we lose flexibility, core strength and muscle tone. Many of my clients are seeing their children having their first kids and now they want to be able to “keep up” with the grand kids! They want the strength and energy to be able to keep up with toddlers.

When you think about it, many of us will look for a bright, shiny object to buy for our significant other as an expression of love. As great as that might be, a watch, a ring or a necklace will not add years to your life! Why not think about giving someone the gift that will keep them active and in your life for years?