Positive thinking and how to learn positivity

In my monthly interview, on The Alan Sanders Show, I spend time discussing how important attitude is when trying to approach health and fitness goals. I describe how certain attitudes can lead to quitting while others will help to strengthen your resolve. I provide some things to try and ways to begin becoming a more … Continue reading Positive thinking and how to learn positivity

Workout group, the Thunderbirds!

https://soundcloud.com/sjd-health-and-fitness/fitness-first-saturday-susan-delmonico-and-diane-tate-discuss-thunderbirds   This month's radio program was about one of my workout groups, dubbed the Thunderbirds. This group of seniors has as much fun laughing and getting together as they do working out. We discuss how important attitude is in committing to a healthier lifestyle and working out with friends makes it so much easier. … Continue reading Workout group, the Thunderbirds!