End of year interview on Waking Up with Alan

In this conversation, I sat down and had a lighter and wide-ranging discussion as we wind down the 2018 calendar year. Whether talking about the holidays, when to put up and and take down decorations, the Serenity Prayer and more, we had a fantastic and fun 30 minute radio interview. I am a recurring guest the … Continue reading End of year interview on Waking Up with Alan

Fall Back into Fitness

Fall back into fitness

During this month's radio interview on WBHF, I chatted about some of my best outdoor memories growing up as a child. It was nice to reflect on how easy it is to feel fit and healthy when you spend time outdoors. But, you have to put your electronics down and take the time to make … Continue reading Fall back into fitness

Childhood obesity and tips for parents

With back-to-school taking place throughout the country, I wanted to discuss the issues surrounding childhood obesity. It's a fact our children are adding pounds earlier and faster than ever before. A lot of this is due to lack of activity coupled with poor eating habits. As parents, we have to do what we can to … Continue reading Childhood obesity and tips for parents

Fitness First Saturday with special guest Dahianna Soris-Becerril

Today it was my pleasure to welcome my good friend, Dahianna Soris-Becerril with Getting Healthy and Fit with DSB to the show. We both discussed how easy it is to let life get in the way of health and fitness, but when you lose your fitness, everything can start to fall apart. We discussed ways … Continue reading Fitness First Saturday with special guest Dahianna Soris-Becerril

Radio Interview with Susan Delmonico and Cindy Dent

We had a great time on-air combining my experiences prepping and painting a room in my home with the advice my very best friend, Cindy Dent, has for anyone selling their home. Yes, we mashup real estate, health, fitness and the holidays all in one guest interview on WBHF radio.   https://soundcloud.com/sjd-health-and-fitness/radio-interview-with-susan-delmonico-and-cindy-dent

June radio interview

Spent time discussing some alternative fitness activities that do not require going into a gym. We also discussed the need for eating regularly and properly as well as getting plenty of sleep and water. It's always fun to be on the radio and reaching out to the listening audience to make health and fitness more … Continue reading June radio interview

Radio interview – Having a workout buddy

In this month's interview, I spend time discussing workout buddies and how that makes it easier to stay on the path toward health and fitness. I also mentioned that your workout buddy might be the four-legged variety since dogs love to jog and hike with you. https://soundcloud.com/sjd-health-and-fitness/02-04-17-susan-delmonico-interview

Being fit will help you enjoy your Golden Years

One of the radio shows my husband does is called The Golden Life and it dispenses sage advice regarding financial planning for seniors.  This is so important; we don’t want to spend our golden years working or struggling financially. On a similar note, we want to be able to HAVE those golden years and be … Continue reading Being fit will help you enjoy your Golden Years