Whole30 and Cheat Sheet for Life

https://soundcloud.com/sjd-health-and-fitness/susan-delmonico-talks-whole30-and-cheat-sheet-for-life Today on my monthly radio segment, we discussed how many New Year's resolutions may have already gone bust. Sometimes you need someone else to help hold you accountable, which is where I come in as a personal trainer. We then discussed a new endeavor I am launching with my friend, Cindy. We are starting … Continue reading Whole30 and Cheat Sheet for Life

Fitness First Saturday with guest, Christine Smallwood

https://soundcloud.com/sjd-health-and-fitness/fitness-first-saturday-christine-smallwood-shares-her-story   It was my pleasure to welcome on-air with me, for a Fitness First Saturday, Christine Smallwood, who has been a client of mine for over a year. Her story is like so many others who was disappointed with the gym cycle of signing up, going for three months, losing interest and then quitting. … Continue reading Fitness First Saturday with guest, Christine Smallwood

June radio interview

Spent time discussing some alternative fitness activities that do not require going into a gym. We also discussed the need for eating regularly and properly as well as getting plenty of sleep and water. It's always fun to be on the radio and reaching out to the listening audience to make health and fitness more … Continue reading June radio interview

Back to normal, except…

Wherever you are in the country, this is the week everyone has to come to the realization that the holidays are over. It's back to normal. The kids are getting back to school. Colleges are getting ready for the second semester. Businesses have flipped their calendars are are ready for the first quarter of 2016. … Continue reading Back to normal, except…

Been there, done that, have a closet-full of t-shirts

I know. I’ve been there. I had always tried to find time to run on weekends or hike with my husband or my kids. For a while, I was able to maintain my weight, but a career move and a change of work location and, for almost three years, I hardly found time to do anything. … Continue reading Been there, done that, have a closet-full of t-shirts