Podcaster and Personal Trainer

https://soundcloud.com/sjd-health-and-fitness/podcaster-and-personal-trainer In this month's extended radio interview, we spent a lot of time discussing my upcoming podcast, Cheat Sheet for Life, along with my co-host, Cindy Dent. We had a good time discussing other subjects as well. Today's interview was a chance to just sit back and have a conversation about life and my experiences … Continue reading Podcaster and Personal Trainer

Whole30 and Cheat Sheet for Life

https://soundcloud.com/sjd-health-and-fitness/susan-delmonico-talks-whole30-and-cheat-sheet-for-life Today on my monthly radio segment, we discussed how many New Year's resolutions may have already gone bust. Sometimes you need someone else to help hold you accountable, which is where I come in as a personal trainer. We then discussed a new endeavor I am launching with my friend, Cindy. We are starting … Continue reading Whole30 and Cheat Sheet for Life