Whole30 and Cheat Sheet for Life

Today on my monthly radio segment, we discussed how many New Year’s resolutions may have already gone bust. Sometimes you need someone else to help hold you accountable, which is where I come in as a personal trainer. We then discussed a new endeavor I am launching with my friend, Cindy. We are starting a podcast called, “Cheat Sheet for Life.” We are going to try out products, good and services and then discuss them to see if they are worth it. Our tag line says it all: Making the mistakes so you don’t have to. To gear up for our first show, we are trying out the Whole30 program to see if it really does help to identify foods that might be giving you grief in other areas of your life. Our podcast will likely launch in the next couple of months so keep an eye out for it. Follow me on Twitter, LIKE me on Facebook and you’ll never miss an announcement.

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