What are you doing today?

Demo 2Everyone I meet is busy. It’s one of the automatic replies that comes from so many. “How are you doing?” “BUSY!” With all we have on our plates, finding the time to stay fit and healthy becomes a huge challenge.

Now, while I will argue that when you sign-up to have a personal trainer, it’s amazing how people can find the time for health and fitness once they have made a commitment. But, that’s not what I wanted to cover today. My goal is to help everyone get a little more fit, even if they don’t have the time or budget.

We all have moments throughout the day where we aren’t really doing anything productive. Maybe we are waiting for someone to call or standing at the copier waiting on the job to finish. Maybe you’ve finished a report and want to let it sit for a minute before going through it one last time. Or, you’ve just hit SEND and need a moment before moving to your next TO-DO item. All those moments make for a perfect opportunity to work in personal fitness.

The next time you are at the printer or copier, spend that time doing calf-raises. Do 15 with your toes pointing outward, then 15 with them parallel to each other, then 15 with them pointing inwards (pigeon-toed). Just raise up on your tip-toes, tighten your calf muscles at the peak and then come back down, never fully putting your heels completely on the floor. It will take no more than 60-seconds to accomplish and now  you’ve just done a set.

When you park your car at the start of your day, why spend time looking for the closest spot? Park further; walk more. Take the stairs. Why waste five minutes looking for a close parking place when you can spend that same five minutes walking?

ExerciseBestAntidepressantWaiting on the conference call to start, when everyone is slowing signing in, try fitting in a 60-second wall-sit. Just place your back against the wall and slide down until you are in a seated position. Be sure your knees don’t extend out beyond your toes. Your shin and thigh should be at a 90 degree angle as if you are sitting in an invisible chair.

Or, if your door is closed, do a 60-second plank. You can fit planks in several times during the course of the day and in no time at all, you will start to notice how your body is beginning to tone.

If you have time for a 60-second plank or wall-sit, you could choose to do a set of push-ups or chair dips. Both are easy to accomplish right in your office without any equipment and without taking more than a minute.

Ladies, how heavy is your purse? Ever think to put the loops around your ankle and do leg extensions while sitting at your desk?

These are just a few ideas to help you realize, you can find small moments throughout the day to do something to help your core strength and begin your journey toward health and fitness. What are some other suggestions you’ve tried? Let me know! I’m always looking for new and innovative ideas to get people up and moving.

Have a great day!

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