There’s a reason it’s called ‘personal’ trainer

My husband and I were chatting not long after the NW Georgia Women’s Expo and we both noted how many people came up to my my booth asking if I was associated with a gym? In nearly every case, when I said I worked privately in either my home or would come to them, there was a sigh of relief, followed by, “Good!”

When I first decided on the name of my business, I wanted to include the tag line, “A personal trainer, keeping the person in mind.” My initial thought was I wanted everyone to know I would be providing customized training plans for each individual; not cookie-cutter printouts where everyone would do the exact same exercises. But, it occurred to us that there was additional meaning behind the word, “personal.”

Many realize, as unfair as it is, that they will be judged by others when they walk into a gym. Not by the employees, but by some of the members. I get so angry when I see a larger person struggling to stick to their workout, sweating through their workout clothes, and I see two fit individuals snickering.  I want to go up to them and ask, “Why are you wanting to make someone feel bad for trying to make themselves healthier? Are you suggesting they need to be in shape BEFORE joining a gym!?”

Similarly, my husband has commented several times about the guys who make a point of walking around the gym, pretending to carry two imaginary watermelons under each arm, grunting and shouting as they slam weights to the ground. It can be intimidating (intentional or not) to those who haven’t been muscle building their whole lives. And, lets’s face it, some are more genetically predisposed to muscle-mass than others. Shouldn’t we be encouraging the effort at least as much as the results?

Susan with inspirational textWhen signing up for that gym membership, it is hard enough to make time in our busy lives to go. Now, add to that, the anxiety and stress that can arise from the snickers, the stares and the eye-rolls some feel the need to levy unto others, and suddenly all that money ends up circling the drain with no results to show for it. Instead of going straight to a gym, only to give up, why not try a different approach where you can be first taught how to workout, while gaining more confidence in yourself?

The reason I became a personal trainer is because I can relate. I know the struggles and how hard it is to commit to a program. Throw in negativity and hurt feelings and many end up worse than when they started. You feel alone and depressed because you wanted to make a change but it feels like the world is out to stop you from succeeding.

It is important for everyone to know I am thrilled to meet each new client because I know that person has made a commitment to get healthier and more active. It is my job to help them succeed. By using my home-based gym or by coming to you, I will give you the personal, one-on-one, training you need to get you on the road to a better you. Once you have spent a few months with me, you will feel stronger, look better and start seeing the payoff for all of your hard work. It takes time and commitment, but I will do all I can to encourage, inspire and push you. It’s not just a meaningless tag line — I really am a personal trainer who keeps the person in mind.

If you want to learn more about me and how I design custom workouts, just reach out to me via my website or my Facebook page. I would love the chance to meet with you and help to make you feel more at ease about your decision to begin a workout regimen. Wishing everyone all the best.

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