NW GA Women’s Expo

It was great to meet so many people at the Northwest Georgia Women’s Expo, held at the Clarence Brown Conference Center. To have a booth where I was the only personal trainer among almost 90 other vendors was amazing. And, to top it off, I was selected to give a short, 10-minute presentation on how to find ways to workout while at work. Some of the tips included parking further away from the front door, taking the stairs, doing calf-extensions while at the copier or waiting on the printer and finding 60 seconds a few times a day to do wall sits. I also showed people how to use their office chair to do dips and for ladies to use the weight of their purses to curl or to add to their ankles for leg extensions while seated.

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I also had almost 100 people enter for a chance to win a free entry into my Couch to 5K program, which will be starting up on April 4 at Dellinger Park. The giveaway was made possible thanks to partnering with the Women’s Expo. And, for anyone who is signed up to be part of the 9-week program, I have worked out a deal with the owner of Athlete’s Locker in the West End Commons Shopping Center (located 650 Henderson Drive, Cartersville, GA 30120) can get 10% off the price of a new pair of running shoes. I can attest there is no one better an making sure you have the right shoe! I have high arches and Landy was able to size and find the perfect shoe to protect my feet while giving me a comfortable run.

Finally, I want to give a personal “thank you” to Karon Mauney, the owner/operator of the NW GA Women’s Expo for her support and advice on how to make my first time there a success. Karon was my very first client and she has become one of my biggest advocates and champions. As much as she says I inspired her to workout hard and stick to healthier food choices, she has done the same for me with her positive energy and support. It has shown me that regardless of field, its the relationships that matter most in whatever it is we do.

Eat right. Move often. Be strong.

Until next time!

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