Substitute of the week – Mustard vs. Mayo

Mayo v Mustard 2Mustard is a far better choice than mayonnaise. On top of its minimal calories, only 5-10 calories per tablespoon depending on the type of mustard, it is also low in sugar and contains virtually no fat. Mayonnaise is typically 70-80% fat, including bad for you artery clogging saturated fat. A typical tablespoon of mayo contains around 90 calories!!

Beyond its low calorie count, yellow mustard has several health benefits. One tablespoon of mustard contains approximately 21mg of potassium. Your body requires around 2,000mg of potassium per day to help with digestive health, a steady heartbeat and to allow proper contractions of muscles.

Mayo v MustardThere are about 7mg of magnesium in each tablespoon of mustard. Magnesium is very important to our bodies as it is involved in over 300 metabolic processes! The average adult male requires about 410mg of magnesium per day and the average female requires around 315mg per day.

Mustard also contains two minerals important to the health of our teeth and bones; phosphorous and calcium.

On top of the obvious health benefits of mustard over mayo, mustard has an almost indefinite shelf life, while mayo has a refrigerated shelf life of only about two months.

This should be an easy choice, boot the mayo and grab the mustard!!

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