A couple announcements coming soon

Hey, everyone!

I’ve been so busy with clients, my Couch to 5K program, speaking with civic groups and still trying to be a mom to four daughters, it feels like I haven’t had time to get my head above water. However, with the holidays rapidly approaching, I’m getting ready to announce a couple of very exciting opportunities for those of you who are wanting to begin working on your personal health and fitness.

If you have yet to LIKE my Facebook page, now would be the time to do it and then watch closely for one of my surprises coming to social media.

Similarly, by subscribing to my blog as well as liking my business Facebook page, you will be among the first to hear about two additional items I’ll be announcing in the next week or two. I know I’m excited about everything I have coming up and I hope you will be too.

So, stay tuned!


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