What are you doing today?

Everyone I meet is busy. It's one of the automatic replies that comes from so many. "How are you doing?" "BUSY!" With all we have on our plates, finding the time to stay fit and healthy becomes a huge challenge. Now, while I will argue that when you sign-up to have a personal trainer, it's … Continue reading What are you doing today?

The start of my Couch to 5K is here!

Today marks the opening week for my 9-week, Couch to 5K program and I am ready to kick this off. If you haven't had a chance to email (or snail mail) your registration, don't worry! You can print out a registration form and just show up tonight at Dellinger Park by 5:30PM for today's first … Continue reading The start of my Couch to 5K is here!

Exercise can help alleviate depression

My husband often tells me I think too much. Unfortunately, it’s not always in a good way.  I would find myself lying awake at night thinking about all the things I could have done differently, should have done differently or didn’t do at all. I would think about whether or not I was a good … Continue reading Exercise can help alleviate depression

Today is the last day for my special for couples

As the waning hours of the last day of February winds down, your chance to take advantage of my 2 for 1 special for couples is also coming to a close. You have until midnight tonight to reach out and contact me to setup the initial assessment for you and your partner. Keep in mind, … Continue reading Today is the last day for my special for couples

The couple that sweats together, stays together – Happy Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day rapidly approaching, I think it would be nice to see Cupid’s sweatier side. Everyone already knows about the fat, little, cherub who brings chocolate and candy, but what about the lean, buff cupid who brings a healthier and happier quality of life to couples? He is there to bring love to those … Continue reading The couple that sweats together, stays together – Happy Valentine’s Day

Being fit will help you enjoy your Golden Years

One of the radio shows my husband does is called The Golden Life and it dispenses sage advice regarding financial planning for seniors.  This is so important; we don’t want to spend our golden years working or struggling financially. On a similar note, we want to be able to HAVE those golden years and be … Continue reading Being fit will help you enjoy your Golden Years

Be prepared

Diets are NOT easy! If they were, we would have a country of happy people at their ideal weight frolicking in fields of butterflies and unicorns. So, now that we have grasped that harsh reality, how do we make this goal attainable?  “Be Prepared,” the motto of the Scouts, should also be the motto for … Continue reading Be prepared

Back to normal, except…

Wherever you are in the country, this is the week everyone has to come to the realization that the holidays are over. It's back to normal. The kids are getting back to school. Colleges are getting ready for the second semester. Businesses have flipped their calendars are are ready for the first quarter of 2016. … Continue reading Back to normal, except…

New Year’s is just around the corner

We all know it's true. The number one New Year's resolution most people make is to resolve to be fit and healthier. Ask anyone who goes to a local gym, when is it most crowded? Invariably they will say, from January to March! You may not want to believe this, but it can take 8-12 weeks … Continue reading New Year’s is just around the corner