How to get organized

Discussing organization with Cindy Dent Homes

In this interview, I join Cindy Dent of Cindy Dent Homes to talk about organization. It all started when Cindy had a closet malfunction, sending many of her clothes crashing to the floor. She called me over and we began to reorganize the entire closet. This led to us bringing the topic of organization to … Continue reading Discussing organization with Cindy Dent Homes

Some podcasts I’ve been listening to

In this month's interview, I wanted to let people know some of the podcasts I listen to and why. In one of them, I decided to buy a book that was recommended on positive thinking. Another thing I noticed about podcasts relates to their willingness to promote each other. I've discovered other podcasts by simply … Continue reading Some podcasts I’ve been listening to

Positive thinking and how to learn positivity

In my monthly interview, on The Alan Sanders Show, I spend time discussing how important attitude is when trying to approach health and fitness goals. I describe how certain attitudes can lead to quitting while others will help to strengthen your resolve. I provide some things to try and ways to begin becoming a more … Continue reading Positive thinking and how to learn positivity

Healthy foods and Paleo

In this month's interview, we chat with personal trainer, Susan Delmonico of SJD Health and Fitness, about some of our favorite foods and what health benefits they possess. From apples to red wine to the Paleo diet, we cover a lot of ground related to foods we should all be adding to our diet. Click … Continue reading Healthy foods and Paleo

Workout group, the Thunderbirds!   This month's radio program was about one of my workout groups, dubbed the Thunderbirds. This group of seniors has as much fun laughing and getting together as they do working out. We discuss how important attitude is in committing to a healthier lifestyle and working out with friends makes it so much easier. … Continue reading Workout group, the Thunderbirds!

Podcaster and Personal Trainer In this month's extended radio interview, we spent a lot of time discussing my upcoming podcast, Cheat Sheet for Life, along with my co-host, Cindy Dent. We had a good time discussing other subjects as well. Today's interview was a chance to just sit back and have a conversation about life and my experiences … Continue reading Podcaster and Personal Trainer

Whole30 and Cheat Sheet for Life Today on my monthly radio segment, we discussed how many New Year's resolutions may have already gone bust. Sometimes you need someone else to help hold you accountable, which is where I come in as a personal trainer. We then discussed a new endeavor I am launching with my friend, Cindy. We are starting … Continue reading Whole30 and Cheat Sheet for Life

End of year interview on Waking Up with Alan

In this conversation, I sat down and had a lighter and wide-ranging discussion as we wind down the 2018 calendar year. Whether talking about the holidays, when to put up and and take down decorations, the Serenity Prayer and more, we had a fantastic and fun 30 minute radio interview. I am a recurring guest the … Continue reading End of year interview on Waking Up with Alan

Fall Back into Fitness

Fall back into fitness

During this month's radio interview on WBHF, I chatted about some of my best outdoor memories growing up as a child. It was nice to reflect on how easy it is to feel fit and healthy when you spend time outdoors. But, you have to put your electronics down and take the time to make … Continue reading Fall back into fitness

Childhood obesity and tips for parents

With back-to-school taking place throughout the country, I wanted to discuss the issues surrounding childhood obesity. It's a fact our children are adding pounds earlier and faster than ever before. A lot of this is due to lack of activity coupled with poor eating habits. As parents, we have to do what we can to … Continue reading Childhood obesity and tips for parents